Friday, February 22, 2008

Full Month

Holy cow, the month is almost over. Phew is what I say. It's been a busy and very sick month here at the Maeve Space. We did have some welcome relief from Canada blow our way though. NO, not the 20 inches of snow that fell on Madison (this month alone); Helen, Jake and Milo stayed with us for a week.

Helen, Jake and Milo as many of you know are on sebatical in Montreal until May. The were headed back to Madison for a week and because their own house is rented out, they had to settle for the Healy Eisenhandler abode. I hope they'll tell you it was enjoyable. I think all 4 of the adults were seriously hoping to have the other as friends when the week was over and I think we accomplished that!

Maeve and Mark started getting sick while our guest were still here (and unfortunately passed on their bug to Milo). The plague has since spread to me and it seems to be a hard little bug to kick. We have all had fevers over 100 and boy, adults are just not made to hack those anymore. Me, the ever relaxed parent about illness and injury (unless it's serious of course) decided today that Maeve should get checked out. She has had some intermittent fevers for the past week and a half and that's just not normal. Alas, we found out that Maeve has a double ear infection. A doozy in the left ear too. She started antibiotics today (her first ever, which is pretty darn amazing, almost 16mo old). So Helen, as you are reading this, if Milo gets another fever, go get his ears checked out.

So, we all lay in the sick bay trying to recover. I will try to post a bit more, though upcoming midwifery clients might keep me busy for a bit. Wish me well. I will also try to get some pictures of Maeve up that Mark's friend took recently. She's a cutie!

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Helen S. said...

If you don't watch out, we may just shack up with you guys again. It was so fun to have 24/7 access to the EisenHealys!
OK, the bug. Not so much fun. I agree.